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About Us


My name is JIM. I opened this store with like-minded friends. We all like to collect these transforming toys. We hope that more people will feel the charm of transforming toys. Although they can be a little difficult to play, when we transform the robot into a car or other form, we will feel how interesting it is, and increase our self-confidence and cultivate our hands-on ability and concentration. In fact, the more complex the toy, the better it is for us, whether it is an adult or a child. Let us act, it must be very worthwhile.

As collectors ourselves we understand what collectors need and strive to deliver high-quality toys at the best prices.

As a business, we believe that timely communication, fast transportation, good packaging, and reasonable pricing, and high-quality toys are the keys to building a positive and lasting relationship with our customers. We are driven by strong values and we make decisions based on profound knowledge and experience. We use the best possible materials, which have passed strict demands and quality control – and we personally follow each collection from start to end. As we continue to grow and develop, we are committed to bringing a comprehensive and positive impact on the toy items and the public.